The Impact Award is given to an individual who is influential in creating a positive work environment.

  • Amber Paulson-Hofseth Center for Advising & Student Achievement

The Innovation Award is given to an individual who demonstrates innovation in developing or enhancing programs and/or services that meet the changing needs of a campus population.

  • Arthur SintasVP for Student Affairs

The Quality Service Award is given to a person who demonstrates a commitment to outstanding work and the willingness to go “above and beyond” to reach identified goals with a positive attitude.

  • Sara Jacobsen, R.N.CSU Health Network

The Bridges Award is given to a team that collaborates across departments to develop new programs that involve a sharing of resources that achieves more than could have been accomplished by any one individual or department.

  • Fostering Success Program - Erin Pitts, Jennie Baran, Siri Newman, Shelly Annameier, Ann Bowen, Jill Putman, Cassidy McLaren, Christie Yeadon, Lisa Lytle, Scarlett McFarland, Miel McCarthy, & Erica Schelly

The Ram Award is given to a person who exemplifies what it is like to a CSU Ram.  They support people, activities, programs and places that reflect the Ram pride.  They advocate for CSU traditions, are a CSU sports fan, or just a lover of all things CSU.

  • Barb MusslewhiteCenter for Advising & Student Achievement