The Janet and Allan Eddy Scholarship was established to annually provide a $1,000 scholarship to eligible Colorado State University employees who have made sustained progress toward attaining an undergraduate degree from Colorado State University.

Janet and Allan Eddy worked at Colorado State University over 30 years.  They worked in a number of offices including Enrollment Services, Human Resources, the Music Department, Hartshorn Health Center and the Alumni Office.

They have encouraged family and fellow workers to continue their education as a way to prepare themselves for both work and home.  As employees, Janet and Allan have seen some employees struggle to complete their education while they are working. Allan is a graduate of Colorado State University College of Business and their two daughters, Cheryl Ann and Sandra Lynn, are graduates of the College of Engineering.  Janet coordinated the Colorado State University Alumni Marching Band for eleven seasons.   Both Janet and Allan have been active with on-and off-campus programs supporting the elderly.  They hope this scholarship will provide both the incentive to continue pursuing a degree as well as some meaningful monetary assistance to the person chosen.  The scholarship will be awarded Spring 2016.  Recipient must be enrolled at that time to receive the funds.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Colorado State University employee (30-40 hours per week) 9 month or 12 month;
  2. Eligible employees include state classified personnel or future equivalent
  3. Demonstrate sustained progress toward a degree by registering for 3-9 credits per academic year (which may include the Colorado State study privilege) with the stated goal of attaining a degree from Colorado State University;
  4. Employees must be formally admitted to an undergraduate degree program in the College of Business or College of Engineering or in majors related to gerontology or the care of the elderly; and
  5. Individuals who have contributed to their particular departments and/or the University as a whole by serving in additional capacities.
  6. Letters of recommendation that support your application for this scholarship

This is a competitive award. It is important that applicants provide thoughtful and clear responses to the questions. A completed application includes

  • Copy of transcripts (unofficial copy is acceptable)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Short answers to questions relating to your academic goals, service to your employer and community.

Deadline for full consideration is 5 pm Friday, November 13, 2015.

Questions? Contact Karen Rewinkel at





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