Faculty: Your CSU Echo360 Account

A CSU Echo360 account is automatically created for all CSU faculty and staff. (Students must access Echo360 through Canvas.)

Use your CSU Echo360 account to view your courses, sections, schedules and videos, upload videos and presentations to your library, add content to sections, edit videos, create links and embedded videos, make content available to students, and view analytics.


 Firefox is the recommended browser for Echo360. Canvas also recommends Firefox. Avoid other browsers. Install Firefox


Log in to your CSU Echo360 account using the Menu > Login > Faculty - Echo360 Account menu item above, with your CSU NetID.

If you log in through echo360.org, make sure you enter your CSU FirstName.LastName@Colostate.edu email address. (Using any other address may create a duplicate account and cause access issues.)


This is the main page for your videos and courses.

The Library tab on the top far left shows all videos that are recorded and uploaded to your account.


The Courses tab will show all the courses and sections you in which you are associated. Within each course is a list of all your videos and any presentations stored in Echo360.

Open a course to see all the individual videos in that course. Videos in Echo360 are referred to as a "class." Further, one "Class" is equal to one video.

Viewing Videos

There are two ways to view your videos, since they live in your library and link to your course.

From your library

  1. Hover over the bottom right corner of a video.
  2. Click the ellipsis icon (three dots): ...
  3. Click View to watch the video.

From your course

  1. Open your course and locate the video.
  2. Click the video icon to open the video menu.
  3. Click View to watch the video.