Faculty: Link Echo360 Section to Canvas


In order for students to access Echo360 content, they must first be enrolled in a Canvas course and authenticate through Canvas. Echo360 authentication occurs automatically when an instructor's Canvas course is linked directly to their Echo360 section. Student authentication provides several benefits, including the collection of user analytics to measure student engagement, the potential to use student/instructor collaborative tools, and it allows us to more tightly control Echo360 content.

There are two necessary steps:

  • Enable the Echo360 link in the Canvas course.
  • Link the Echo360 section to the Canvas course.

Detailed Instructions

NOTE: If you don't see your Echo360 Course Section as a choice, you may have a duplicate login in Echo360. Contact us to remove the extra login. Best practice is to use a colostate.edu email as your primary Echo360 and Canvas email account.

Other Instructions

The Echo360 link does not work in the Student View in Canvas

Don't use the Student View in Canvas to test your Echo360 content. The "Test Student" is not an actual student, so it cannot view the Echo360 page, and clicking on the Echo360 link will display an error:

LTI Error. Configuration Error
Invalid 'lis_person_contact_email_primary' in LTI request: Value was not provided or was empty

But if you can see the Echo360 class list when logged in as an instructor in Canvas, your students will be able to see that page as well.