Common Technical Issues


Firefox works best for video viewing or streaming.


See Login instructions for faculty and students.

Security issues accessing Echo360 content via Canvas

Once logged in to Canvas, you should not have to log in to Echo360 separately to access Echo360 content.

Echo360 recording is not yet available

  • After a recording finishes, the video is not available until it uploads and processes. Count on around twice the length, so an hour long recording takes about two to three hours. This can vary up to six hours, never over 12 hours. If opened during processing, sometimes part shows or it starts, then goes to a buffering stage.
  • Make sure you include up to six hours for processing when creating assignments and due dates.

Video performance issues

  • Firefox works best for video viewing or streaming.
  • Check your Internet upload and download speeds using this Global Broadband Speed Test. Your download speed should be at least 10 Mbps. If not, contact your Internet service provider to upgrade your speed.
  • Your WiFi signal may be weak or drop in and out. Move your computer close to your wireless modem or router, or plug an Ethernet cable directly into it.
  • Close other programs and browser tabs to allow your computer's resources to focus on your Echo360 activities.
  • When all else fails, you should still be able to watch the recorded videos after the live stream ends and they have had a couple hours to process.
  • Finally, you can download the videos to watch later by opening the view box and selecting download. You will choose between audio and video of faculty, or audio and screen capture.

Echo360 outages