Faculty: Get Started

Getting Started in Echo360 for Faculty

Nearly 200 CSU classrooms have
Echo360 recording equipment.

Lecture Recording Options

Echo360-Enabled Classroom Recording

Install Echo360 Universal Capture on your
laptop or PC to record from anywhere.

Echo360 Universal Capture for Home/Office Recording

If your class is not scheduled in one of these rooms, or you will be teaching from your home or office, you can use Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal software on your laptop or PC to record your lectures, either live or in advance.

Upload Zoom Recordings

If you prefer to use Zoom instead, which can include your student interactions, you can upload your Zoom recording to your Echo360 library (which is automatic if you use a Zoom Pro account).

Upload Your Own Videos

If you have created videos in any other source, such as Microsoft Teams, or have recorded your own way, you can upload, store in Echo360, and distribute to your current and future classes.

Steps to Provide Access to Students

  1. Log in to your Echo360 account to view your Echo360 library and your courses and sections.
  2. Add recordings from your Echo360 library to your Echo360 sections.
  3. Add your Echo360 section to your Canvas course, where students can access it.
  4. Cross-list multiple Canvas sections of the same course so they can all view the same Echo360 section.