Faculty: Home/Office Recording using Echo360 Universal Capture Software

Echo360 Universal Capture allows an instructor an easy way to capture, edit, publish, and view presentations recorded on their personal computers. Instructors can use Universal Capture to capture and record their presentations in real time and post them to Echo360 so they can be viewed online via Canvas or Echo360.

Personal Capture (PCap)

Echo360 Personal Capture software reached end of life on January 15, 2020. You should uninstall it before installing Universal Capture.

Video: Uninstall Personal Capture

Preparing to Teach Online with Echo360 Universal Capture

Follow these steps to be ready to teach online with Echo360 Universal Capture for your personal PC/Laptop.

  1. Log in to Echo360
  2. Click the blue Create tab, select New Capture
  3. First time only: follow prompts to install software. Approve any prompts to access display, audio or camera. Software will launch when done. After initial install, selecting New Capture will launch the software.
  4. Click Edit Capture Details and enter details so the recording can upload directly into your Echo360 Course.
    Universal Capture - Edit Capture Details
    Capture Details
    • If you omit this step, your recording will upload to your Echo360 Main Library. You can still share or assign it to a course later.
  5. Select what gets recorded:
    • Display or screen, and if more than one, which display to capture
    • Camera or web cam (USB only) to use to record yourself speaking
    • Audio or which mic to use to record your audio.
      • Confirm you see green bars moving up and down in the audio indicator.
      • No indicator bars? Go to your System Settings and activate a mic.
      • Some webcams have mics as well. Do select the audio you prefer.
      • Headsets work the best.
      • If using onboard, or system mic, turn speakers off or way down to avoid feedback and echo.
  6. Press the Red Record Button in the bottom middle. Make a 5 minute test recording.
  7. Press pause or stop, watch it upload to your library.
  8. Go to your Echo360 Library, wait until the thumbnail changes from Processing to the completed and named video.
  9. Hover over completed thumbnail, and in the bottom right corner, tap blue box with three white dots, or ellipse. Select View to watch the video and confirm all is working.
  10. Make adjustments to your settings if necessary.

NOTE: You students will engage successfully with 5 to 10 minute segments by topic, rather than an hour long lecture. Reimagine how your topics can spring to life when split into bite-sized recordings. Consider Intro, topic background or prerequisite refresher, main topic, sub topics, application of topic, maybe a conclusion. All this can be easily started and stopped to create several recordings with Echo360 Universal Capture.

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