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Green and Global

Working with International Programs to consider other potential sites -Jamaica 2017 and 2018, possibly 2019

Green and Global

Working with International Programs to consider other potential sites -Jamaica 2017 and 2018, possibly 2019

National Latinx Heritage Month

The National Latinx Heritage Month celebrates the intersectionality of the Latinx community in 2017.

GLBT Pride Month Book Display

A book display highlighting the library's LGBTQ material.

Cesar Chavez

Como Celebrate Cesar Chavez with daily events during the week of March 27 - March 31.

Task Force on Equity and Inclusion

Dedicated to developing and promoting diversity initiatives at CSU Libraries.

Diversity Symposium

In 2001, the very first Diversity Summit, “Undergraduate Student Retention and Diversity,” was held for a select number of invited Deans, Department Heads and Directors. The summit took place off the CSU campus and lasted for only one day. In 2002 the Summit opened its doors to the CSU and Fort Collins Communities but still only took place for a day. The 2004 Diversity Summit, “Grounding Ourselves in Diversity: Data, Dialogue and Direction for the Future,” marked the first all-inclusive diversit...

CSU Educational Opportunity Center

This federally funded program primarily serves first generation and low income adults, providing information on admissions, financial aid/scholarships, and other free services designed to assist participants to engage or re-engage with an educational program at a vocational, two and/or four-year college or university. Our focus is on providing services to qualified adults age 19 or older (U.S. Citizens/Permanent Residents) without a four-year degree, as well as veterans and military connected fa...

Native Education Forum

The Native Education Forum is a five-day intensive summer program for students completing their sophomore or junior year of high school. In this program, students will gain valuable knowledge in the university application process and research issues critical to Native American/Indigenous communities. Students who participate in the Native Education Forum earn one free CSU credit hour and may be eligible to receive the Partnership Award to attend Colorado State University.

Women’s’ Emerging Leadership Education and Development


The Women’s’ Emerging Leadership Education and Development (WE LEAD) Institute will assist underrepresented young women in exploring career possibilities, networking, and developing self-esteem. The program is based on a pressing and timely message: The world needs more women in professional and leadership roles. By attending this interactive program, young women will gain confidence and insight regarding their personal and academic endeavors while exploring academic and career opportunities. ...

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