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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Password-Related Questions

I'm a new user - HELP!!


New Landlord User - First Steps

  1. Please visit our registration page to create your account. You may also find this after clicking on the '˜Login' tab.
  2. Create a rental listing.  Submit your new listing for approval.
  3. Once approved by Off-Campus Life staff, your rental will appear in our system for CSU students to find!

New Student User - First Steps

  1. Log in with your eID
  2. Your account will automatically be created and you will be redirected to your account page where you can update your personal information.
  3. As a CSU student, you can find rentals , post rentals, find a roommate to fill a vacancy in your current rental, or list yourself as a potential roommate


I am a non-student who would like access the Rental System.

Because RentalSearch is financially supported by CSU student fees, we must restrict access to the CSU community only. Please contact Off-Campus Life to determine if you are eligible to receive a guest log-in. Email or call (970) 491-2248. Note: This log-in cannot be used to post on the site. It is a shared username that can only be used to search for listings.

I previously had an account with you on the old Rental System. Has my account moved?

Yes - all of your previous information has been transferred over to the new RentalSearch. However, we recommend that you review your account and postings to make sure all information/data are still up-to-date and accurate.

How do I create an account?

First, note that students do not need to create an account, as they already have access with their eid and password using our login page. As a landlord, you can create an account by visiting our registration page. Once there, enter a user name, password, and other details such as name and e-mail address. Passwords must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least 1 non-alphanumeric character or digit. Examples of non-alphanumerics include !@#$%^&*(). Once you have completed all required fields, you will need to enter the two words that appear in the graphic at the bottom of the page. Doing so proves you are human :) and are not a spam bot that is attempting to create an account (this form of spam prevention is called recaptcha and is the same technology that is utilized by Craigslist, Facebook, and numerous other websites. You can read more about recaptcha at If you cannot read the two words, simply click the refresh button (the red arrows pointing in a circle) until you are able to do so. Click "Register!" If for whatever reason you are brought back to the registration page after clicking "Register", it is because there is some error with your submission. Please correct any errors that appear in red on the form, re-enter your password (for security reasons we do not store it after the page is refreshed), and then once again enter in the two words into the textbox at the bottom of the page before clicking "Register". Once you have created an account, you will see a success message with a "Continue" button. You are now logged into our system and can use RentalSearch. We suggest that you store your password in a safe, easy-to-remember place. Off-Campus Life staff can help you relocate your username, but for security purposes, we may not look up your password.

What do the different listing categories mean? Which category should I list in?

Listing categories on the site are divided into vacant listings (no one resides in the property), a room to rent (there are people in the property looking to fill a room in their property with 1 or more roommates), and an available roommate listing (a person who has listed themselves as a potential roommate).

Why can't I upload images for my rental listing?

The current file size limit is 10 megabytes. If you need to scale down your images, please visit to resize your images to a width no greater than '600 Pixels' and an image quality of 'Better'. We apologize for this inconvenience, but unfortunately at the present time we have limited server space and cannot store larger files (eg, those taken directly from a late model digital camera on the highest quality setting may create files that are larger than 10 megs).

How do I know if my listing is submitted? Is my listing viewable immediately?

You will receive an email confirmation upon submission. Your listing will first be approved by Off-Campus Life staff. This should happen within a few hours of submission during business hours. Off-Campus Life is open from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday. Submissions in the afternoon may not get approved until the next business day. Once approved, it will be viewable.

If I have a property owner account, can I view other listings?

No, listings are only viewable to students. You can view your own listings, however.

How do I make a change to my listing?

Login to your account, select '˜Account'. From here, you can see your previously posted rentals and/or roommates. Select which listing you would like to edit, and make whatever changes you would like. Re-submit the posting with your edits and we will re-activate it for you.

When does my listing expire? What if it has not been filled?

All rental listings will expire 15 days from the date the listing was last modified. All roommate listings expire after 21 days. A reminder email notification will be sent to you 5 days prior to when your listing is to expire. Simply log in to your account and renew your listing, or you can even renew your listing directly from the warning e-mail that you received. If you choose not to renew your listing, it will expire automatically on the expiration date.

What happens to my listing when it expires?

Your listing will go inactive (not seen publicly) but will remain in your account. You will be able to reactivate your listing at any time in the future, should you desire it.

What do I need to do if I fill my vacant room?

As a courtesy to our clients, Off-Campus Life asks that you notify our office once you have found accommodations or filled your vacancy. We will then remove your listing from our database. You may also deactivate your listing by logging into your account and deactivating it yourself. This will remove it immediately from the site.

What if I can't find a place to rent on the system?

Please note that listings are live and are constantly updated. Check back often. Also, visit the Off-Campus Life website at for more ways to find a place, including links to property management companies and an apartment complex list. There are also other resources available on the website regarding codes and ordinances, leases, and having a successful time off campus.

What if I can't log into the system?

Landlors: Please first attempt to reset your password. Click "Landlords: Reset Password", enter your user name, then click "Submit". If you see a message that says, "We were unable to access your information", then you do not have a valid login with the site and will need to register . Alternatively, if you are sure you registered as a landlord previously, you may not be using the correct user name, in which case, you will need to contact Off-Campus Life (see the bottom of the page for contact information). If however, you see a message that says, "Your password has been sent to you", please check your e-mail inbox, copy the temporary password that was created for you, then attempt to login again with your new password. Afterwards, feel free to change your password to something more memorable. Students: Please visit and modify your password there. Keep in mind, this will change your password for ALL eID password-dependent sites at CSU!

Help! The password that was sent to me isn't my original password!

Landlords: When you reset your password, the password that is e-mailed to you isn't your original.  This is because we have taken security precautions (both in encrypting/hashing your password) when storing passwords in our database, such that they are irrecoverable by our staff. Therefore, the password that is e-mailed to you is a new, random password. And, once reset, your old password will no longer work until you change your password.

What if I want to change my password?


  1. Please visit our log in page and log in with your current username/password.
  2. If you lost your password, please reset it first, then log in using the new password that was e-mailed to you.
  3. Click the "Change Password" tab, then enter your current/new password. Click "Change Password" to save your changes. If you wish, you can always log out, then log back in again using your newly-created password to test that the change was successful.
  4. Once logged in, visit your account page.
Students: Please visit and modify your password there. Keep in mind, this will change your password for ALL eID password-dependent sites at CSU!


How do I rotate my rental listing photos?

  1. Go to your listing (after signing in first).
  2. Click "Edit" to edit your listing.  You should be redirected to a link that looks something like this:
  3. Under the image section for your listing, click the link for "You may also re-arrange and/or rotate this listing's photos."  You should be redirected to a url that looks like this:
  4. Finally, click the rotate icon next to the image you need to rotate.

If you are interested in advertising space on our site, please contact the Off-Campus Life office. Staff there can send you ad specs and a price list. We will need a copy of your desired ad and an active url to link with it.

Why am I receiving confirmation e-mails?

There are two types of confirmation e-mails that are generated by the RentalSearch system. By default, whenever you create or update a listing, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don't want to receive these confirmations, you may disable them (under the User Info tab) The other type of confirmation is when you attempt to contact a of a listing (ie, you are an interested party in some rental or roommate listing). This type of confirmation only applies to students (since landlords can't contact other property owners). Prior to 03/27/2013, these confirmation messages were disabled in version 2.0 of RentalSearch, as there were a number of students who were confused by the confirmation e-mail - they thought that only they received it, and that the landlord did not. However, this confusion should be cleared up since we changed the verbiage within the confirmation e-mail to make it clear that the e-mail was also sent to the landlord. Therefore, these confirmation messages have been re-enabled.