Academic Advancement Center (AAC)

Apply to the Academic Advancement Center

The Academic Advancement Center (AAC) assists students from first generation, low-income, and disability backgrounds with a variety of programs and services to succeed and graduate.

Before proceeding to the online application, we encourage you to review the application questions listed below.

Please respond to each of the following questions as thoughtfully, concisely, and concretely as possible. Essay responses should equal about one paragraph each, and will be one of the factors used to determine eligibility. Responses may be saved at any time by selecting the "Save Progress" button at the bottom of this screen.

  1. Tell us about yourself and your educational journey. What academic challenges have you had to overcome and what did you learn from the experience(s)?
  2. Why do you want to participate in the Academic Advancement Center (AAC)?
  3. What are your future goals related to your educational pursuits?
  4. What other academic support programs will you be involved with while attending CSU?
  5. Are there any unique circumstances you would like to share with us that can help our program support you better?

Please note: In order to apply you must have a CSU eID. If you haven't yet created an eID, please visit and complete that process before proceeding to the application for the Academic Advancement Center. Thank you!

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