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Do NOT include in the eName box below when logging in.

  You Must Allow Pop-Ups for *.iship.comThis is not optional.
Please scroll down for links on how adjust your browser settings.

If you want your package insured over $100, you must specify this by clicking Edit Shipping and Service Options then selecting
Loss Protection and entering the full value of your shipment.

Drop Off Deadline
All packages must be received at the Shipping Desk (200 W. Lake Street) by 3:00pm Monday - Friday to be processed the same day.

Pop-Up Blockers
You must allow pop-ups!  Instructions on how to allow pop-ups for common browsers:  Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome,
and adding * to Internet Explorer Trusted Sites.

Package Weight
You must supply an approximate weight in order to get correct carrier rates.  Every package will be re-weighed by the Shipping Desk.  Final shipping charges will reflect ACTUAL weight of the package/envelope.  To view your final pricing, click the Track It tab in iShip.

First Time Logging In?
Please read our INTRODUCTION GUIDE.  Please enter your address information like the graphic below.  DO NOT abbreviate Fort Collins as Ft.  A default Kuali Account Number is required during registration.  You can enter a different Kuali Account number at any time during shipment creation.

Remote Support
Use Only When Instructed By Central Receiving Information Technology

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