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I understand that the Work Study Program is foremost a student financial aid resource, not an institutional employment program, and that the express purpose is to expand part-time employment opportunities for qualified students. I agree to abide by the conditions which govern the Work-Study Program, and in so doing will comply with the provisions of all federal and state laws, regulations, and executive orders regarding affirmative action requirements. Therefore, I request that this department be allowed to participate in the Work-Study Program during the period July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

The department will:
  • Hire only those students that can be properly supervised and effectively utilized for the predetermined number of hours required to earn 100% of their allocation.
  • Ensure the job classification is commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of the position and ensure that a current job description is maintained.
  • Abide by the work-study limitations on hours as follows: during periods of regular and non-regular enrollment, no student may work more than forty (40) hours in any one week.
  • Ensure that students are not working during scheduled class times. Exceptions are permitted if an individual class is cancelled, if the instructor has excused the student from attending for a particular day, and if the student is receiving credit for employment in an internship, externship, or community work-study experience. Any such exemptions must be documented.
  • Ensure that the employment of work-study students will not result in the displacement of other employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  • Not reallocate funds presently spent on graduate teaching or research assistantships and replace that funding with work-study monies.
  • Pay the applicable portion of all work-study students’ total earnings up to the students’ allocation limit.
  • Pay 100% of earnings in excess of the students’ work-study allocation.
  • Be responsible for the payment of all earnings exceeding 50% of the academic year award if earned prior to Spring semester.
  • Ensure that your department is running the "Work Study Earnings by Department" and "Expense Distribution" reports in Oracle, on a monthly basis, to make sure payroll is hitting the correct accounts. Likewise, ensure that your department is accurately entering student assignments into Oracle. Correction requests for converting from Time Entry Wages (TEW) to work-study will only be processed for the current semester; requests for an ended semester will be denied.
  • Adhere to the institutions’ time-keeping procedures.
  • Report any work violations or irregularities to either office.
  • Generally, provide the Student a two-week notice before terminating employment.
  • Have available for review, upon the request, the employment records and other related information on work-study students within its employ.
  • Refer to "Employment Concerns" when necessary, for advice on the resolution of employment conflicts at the department level.
  • Ensure that all work-study students have complied with the U.S. Citizenshop and Immigration Service requirements (Form I-9) prior to commencing work.
  • Be aware that if a student’s need for financial aid changes, it may necessitate withdrawal of the work-study award and subsequent termination of employment.
  • Inform all students of the work-study rules and regulations via the Student Employee Guidelines.

Office of Financial Aid or the Career Center cannot ensure that positions requested will be filled or that replacements will be furnished for vacant jobs.

Students who wish to transfer from one department to another department should do so between semesters, unless extenuating circumstances warrant otherwise. It is recommended that students give a minimum of a two-week notice to their current employer of their intent to transfer their Work Study Assignment. The hiring and current departments need to coordinate the work-study transfer process.

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I acknowledge that I have received information explaining the Work-Study rules and regulations (as seen above) for hiring and supervising work-study students. I agree that my agency will be responsible for keeping records of students’ hours and earnings in order to prevent over earnings. I understand that compliance with these procedures is essential so that my agency may fulfill the contract agreement with Colorado State University. Noncompliance may result in the forfeiture of this contract.

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