Nature of Work:

Responsible for instruction of students registered for courses through continuing education, regular resident instruction courses or non-credit courses offered through CSU. Develop courses, i.e. outline, schedule, identification of textbooks, resource materials. Evaluation of student's work

Some Examples of Work:

Meeting with the class regularly as scheduled and fulfilling the outline *Flat fee. For continuing education courses payment is based on number of students enrolled as continuing education students as per pay scale approved by Colorado Commission on Higher Education. For resident instruction payment is an agreed upon salary negotiated prior to the start of class. For non-credit courses offered through CSU, payment is an agreed upon salary negotiated prior to start of class.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Instructor must be thoroughly knowledgeable of subject area to be covered For continuing education course, has to be approved by a CSU academic department responsible for subject matter prior to being offered by the Center for Continuing Education Instructor's qualifications have to be approved also by the academic department, in all cases

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Outline of course, class plans, approvals, selection of texts and other resource materials Sufficient academic preparation to adequately meet demands of the academic department offering/approving the course.

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