Nature of Work:

This position serves as the overall office manager for the Associated Students' office complex. To this end, the position is responsible to the ASCSU legislature for all internal matters for which ASCSU funds have been expended. The Vice President also must attend all Senate meetings.

Some Examples of Work:

Oversee work of various ASCSU employees and volunteers; report to ASCSU Senate with regard to ASCSU complex operations.

Job Description:

Applicants shall have attended CSU as a full-time student (minimum six credits/semester) for no less than two semesters prior to taking office, shall have attained at least Junior status, shall be members of ASCSU (minimum six credits/semester) at the time of election, and shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. If elected, officer shall remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the regular academic year (spring and fall semesters) and summer semester within term of office.
1. Supervise ASCSU Services, evaluate, and advise directors and their respective service.
a.Renter's Information
b.Legal Services-Serve on ASCSU Legal Services Board
c.Community Services
d.Consumer Protection
2. Maintain ASCSU complex and equipment. The Vice-President is responsible for the typewriters in the ASCSU typing center. Along with the President, renegotiate maintenance contract for typewriters in the ASCSU typing center, the two IBM Selectrics, and the copy machine.
3. Serve on Student Health Center Board and perform duties as stated in the bylaws of the Board.
4. Allocate keys to members of the ASCSU Executive, Senate, Judiciary, and services; collect keys at the end of terms. Keys are available to individual offices, complex, and senate chambers.
5. Chair the Elections Committee.
6. Supervise and Coordinate all Referendum, Initiative, and Election processes.
7. Attend Senate Meeting in its entirety.
8. Break all Senate ties on bills and resolutions.
9. Along with the President, renegotiate ASCSU Complex Contract with the Lory Student Center Governing Board.

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