Nature of Work:

This class describes the full-operating food production level or the supervisor over food handling positions. Although positions follow established work processes, they have the authority to determine the procedures required to accomplish the work. Positions use judgment on an ongoing basis to select the most appropriate technical guidelines and adapt them to develop work procedures that accomplish tasks. The supervisor is responsible for a work unit including accountability for the use of equipment space, and resources.

Some Examples of Work:

This class in the Labor, Trades, and Crafts Occupational Group describes work in food handling and serving or skilled cooking, baking, or meatcutting. Food handling positions wash, peel, seed, and cut vegetables, fruits, and garnishes; serve food, weigh and measure portions, or wait tables; arrange tables and decorations; wash dishes and clean and sanitize equipment, work surfaces, and kitchen and dining areas; store food according to safe temperature and handling requirements. Food production positions prepare, season, cook or bake the full range of menu items; regulate oven and equipment temperatures; measure and mix ingredients; observe and test food quality; plan nutritional menus, determine quantity and order food; cut, trim, bone, tie, and grind meats; and clean and cut fish and poultry.

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