Nature of Work:

This class describes first-working level applications programming work. Tasks performed at this level may be the same as the fully operational level but are performed with more discretion and assistance from a higher level position and provide the experience and development necessary to function at the fully operational level.

Description of Occupational Work:

This class series in the Professional Services Occupational Group describes applications programming work. Work of positions in this class series involves the designing, coding, testing, debugging, maintaining, and documenting programs from detailed specifications. Positions perform a variety of tasks such as, converting system specifications into programs by designing logic patterns; coding logic patterns into proper language and instructions which are fed into and stored in a computer and enable a computer to carry out specific tasks; testing programs bye selecting and preparing proper test data which verifies a program's intent; debugging a program in the event of problems by locating and removing errors; ensuring programs operate effectively and as intended by interpreting computer stops, malfunctions, and other situations.

Other activities include:

preparing detailed documentation, operating instructions, and manuals for programs; maintaining and updating programs by making revisions and modifications as necessary; maintaining programs files and records; communicating with other staff and users to resolve program intent issues, data requirements and other programming matters; recommending standard terminology and symbology to ensure consistency in developing, maintaining, and/or interpreting programs; and reviewing programs for adherence to quality standards.

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