Nature Of Work:

This is a position that requires an individual relate well with young people. Emphasis will be on the counselor’s ability to organize, show leadership, and exhibit a sense of responsibility. Counselors may have secondary duties such as supervising large group activities abd providing support for the teaching staff. Some counselors will have more supervisory duties and are required to coordinate all formalities concerning the dormitory, meals, recreation, and discipline. Emphasis is on leadership and organizational skills.

Some Examples of Work:

Head Counselor:
-Help in all phases of planning the camp
-Organize housing lists and take care of room assignments
-Coordinate all aspects of dorm life for campers
-Organize camp code and counselor duties
-Check on: Food service, Swimming, Security Officers, Student Health Center, P.E. Equipment, and Housing.
-Set up work schedule in dorm for counselors
-Organize first aid supplies
-Hire and be responsible for a staff of counselors

-Handle the registration process of all campers. This includes writing receipts, taking in money, making name tags, supervising distribution of meal tickets, etc.
-Aid in developing and supervising recreational activities
-Provide emotional support to campers
-Selling and collecting of money for various activities throughout the camp
-Lounge and lobby clean up each night in the dorms

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Head Counselor:
Organizational skills are most important. Ability to understand and work within the overall camp plan. Ability to supervise and direct the counseling staff. Basic first aid skills. Ability to relate to and work with young people.

Versatile—flexible in helping in many areas of the camp program. Some basic first aid knowledge. Ability to work well with young people. Ability to understand and carry out a work assignment.

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