Nature of Work:

Under close supervision, performs semi-skilled level of work involving fabrication, maintenance, operation and installation of research and education equipment and related equipment and/or facilities; and does related work as required.

Some Examples of Work:

Performs a variety of semi-skilled work relating to specific fields of research and/or education. This may include the fabrication, maintenance, construction, modification and/or observation of equipment, installations, machinery, scientific or technical set-ups, mock-ups, units, and/or facilities; functions may involve the operation and maintenance of a wide variety of standard and/or specialized research tools, equipment, materials, and items; may perform duties and observations under adverse environmental conditions; work may involve working with animals, birds, plants, organic matter, inorganic matter, radioactive materials, emitted rays and forces, high velocity test units, caustic materials, toxic materials, flammable materials, explosive materials, frangible materials, cultures, solutions and other matters, materials and forces; may monitor or make observations on research processes, animals, plants, organisms, materials, apparatus, facilities and installations; may record data and/or change recording media such as magnetic tapes, paper tapes, sensitized units, and recording drums, disks and plates; may perform duties involving a number of buildings, construction and/or maintenance trades in connection with research projects and/or educational processes; operates and maintains related equipment in connection with research projects and/or education processes.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

- Knowledge of basic laboratory principles, techniques, terminology, and equipment.
- Some knowledge of the basic principles of the physical and biologic sciences.
- Ability to assign and supervise the work of subordinates.
- Ability to instruct students and subordinates concerning use and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
- Ability to perform work in laboratory tests.
- Ability to understand and follow written and oral instructions.
- Ability to exercise care in the handling, cleaning, and sterilizing of laboratory glassware and equipment.
- Manual dexterity sufficient for the performance of simple laboratory duties.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

One year of experience in fields appropriate to the specific fields or area of research.

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