Nature of Work:

Student works in one or more of the following areas as an apprentice learning the tools of the theatrical trades: set construction, costume construction, box office, acting. Student is expected to participate in all assigned aspects of summer theatre through written agreement with Summer Theatre Director, including the final strike on the day after summer theatre ends. All jobs are supervised by a full-time faculty or staff member and students are trained as the work progresses to perform the various tasks described below.

Some Examples of Work:

Students may perform one or more roles on-stage, rehearsing with other cast members for a minimum of 3 hours per day for 5 days for at least four weeks, then performing that part for 8 nights during summer theatre and for an additional 3 nights in September. Student may work in the scene construction shop, building scenery for the summer shows, locating properties for the shows (such items as furniture, dishware, and other like items required by the shows) and may also be assigned as part of the running crew for performances in which case he/she may run lighting equipment and/or help with changed of scenery and putting away all such items after each performance. Maintenance of scenic elements during the show run is also part of the work. Student may work in the University Theatre daily box office selling tickets and doing general office work related to the summer theatre program. The Box Office is computerized and typing skills are helpful. Students running the evening box office at the performance site are responsible for a final report of attendance and box office receipts. All students learn and work with various kinds of performance reports. Students may work as a concessions manager or aide and will be responsible for seeing that supplies are ordered and stocked properly and will run the evening concessions area. This person is responsible for the bookkeeping associated with those duties, for seeing that the house is properly arranged before the show and cleaned up after the performance, and for filling concession orders during the performance and overseeing waiters and other concession helpers.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

No prior knowledge is required, but prior experience in the Theatre Arts program on campus is helpful. Each of the tasks has a slightly differing set of skills that are helpful but not required:
Scene Construction Shop: Previous work with shop tools.

Costume Construction Shop: Previous sewing experience.

Box Office: Previous sales experience, typing skills.

Acting: Previous acting experience.

Concessions: Previous waiting tables or bartending.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

None needed.

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