Nature of Work:

This class describes the clearly defined level where positions follow established work procedures. Positions operate within standard guidelines and alternatives which are known and any deviation from such requires prior approval. Positions may assist a specific, full-operating trades position where work is limited to specific tasks with a detailed explanation of how the task is to be completed and it is subject to inspection while in progress and upon completion. Some assignments do not move beyond this level.

Examples of Work:

This position involves trades work in the construction, maintenance, and alteration of structures, fixtures and other building equipment. The work involves a variety of tasks in the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment and systems associated with buildings. Work includes building, installing, repairing, renovating, demolishing, maintaining, finishing, and painting structures, structural parts, furnishings, locks, and associated building equipment. The work may be in several trades. It includes determining what needs to be done, determining the steps for completing assignments, estimating time and material requirements, and using a variety of hand and power tools.

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