Nature of Work:

Work on special computer projects as assigned. These could include learning new software, writing up reports or critiques on software or hardware, or installing new hardware. This person would also be responsible for answering more detailed software or hardware questions.

Some Examples of Work:

-Learn new software
-Prepare demonstrations of and/or write critiques of software or hardware
-Answer more detailed software/hardware questions
-Enforce lab policies (no food or drink allowed, etc)
-Answer questions over the television
-Install and configure software on machines with a hard drive and/or network
-Write articles concerning software and/or hardware upon request

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

-Working knowledge of either the DOS, Macintosh, or Unix operating system (including hardware)
-Ability to work unsupervised
-Knowledge of the networking system in use
-Good organizational skills
-Good communication skills on the telephone, in writing, and in person
-Ability to answer the same questions over and over
-Ability to work with faculty, staff, and students

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Extensive experience with the DOS, Macintosh, Unix operating system and software. Firm command of the English language

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