Nature of Work:

Positions in this classification combine clerical and instructional responsibilities. Independent action based on specialized knowledge of the subject area is often required.

Some Examples of Work:

1. General clerical tasks including:
a) Filing cards, documents, etc.
b) Maintaining course records
c) Sorting and filing course material
d) Operating office machines
e) Retrieving data from records
2. Under the supervision of departmental personnel, responding to student inquiries about course records, course requirements, and course procedures. 3. Paper grading. 4. Assisting departmental personnel with preparation of course materials. 5. Distributing, monitoring and collecting examinations.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

1. Knowledge of the subject area of employing department acquired through coursework or special training.
2. Ability to understand and follow written and oral directions.
3. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
4. Ability to work cooperatively and productively with peers.
5. Ability to accept and make effective use of supervision.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

1. Coursework in academic area of position.
2. Preferably at least sophomore in academic standing.

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