Nature of Work:

Responsible for overall management of hardware and software in a computer lab, including microcomputer diagnostics and minor repairs, hardware and software configuration and installations, and network troubleshooting. This position will oversee work of other student lab assistants. Responsible for keeping hardware and software inventory up-to-date. Must be able to work with minimal supervision and flexible hours.

Some Examples of Work:

-Supervise and train other student computer assistants (I & II)
-Supervise hardware and software set-up and configurations
-Supervise and train students doing data entry
-Troubleshoot Local Area Network (LAN)
-Do regular backups of LAN
-Troubleshoot hardware problems on workstations and network
-Maintain database of hardware and software inventory

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

-Working knowledge of computer hardware
-Working knowledge of LAN’s, including network diagnostics
-Working knowledge of FTP and Telnet and data communications
-Experience using any database program
-Good organizational skills
-Good communication skills, on the phone, in writing, and in person
-Ability to work with faculty, staff, and students

Minimum Preparation of Work:

-Experience with computer hardware and maintenance
-Extensive experience with DOS, Macintosh, or Unix operating systems
-Experience working in a LAN environment
-Firm command of the English language

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