Nature of Work:

This class describes the fully-operational level. Positions operate independently in performing the full range of security and parking services. Work requires determining solutions to the full range of practical problems. Judgment is used on an ongoing basis to select and apply the most appropriate guidelines and adapt them to develop work procedures that accomplish the tasks. Work includes ensuring that equipment is operational, enforcing agency rules and regulations, writing reports, collecting fees, and assisting law enforcement officials as needed. Some assignments will not move beyond this level.

Some Examples of Work:

This class series in the Labor, Trades, and Crafts Occupational Group describes work in security of buildings and access to parking. Positions patrol, secure, and control access to buildings and contents, equipment and property, and parking facilities, including parking revenue collection. Assignments may be performed while stationary or mobile.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

-Within limits prescribed by the operation, choices involve selecting alternatives that affect the manner and speed with which tasks are carried out.
-Alternatives include independent choice of such things as priority and personal preference for organizing and processing the work, proper tools or equipment, speed, and appropriate
-Action taken is based on learned, specific guidelines that permit little deviation or change as the task is repeated.

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