Nature of Work:

The Student Assistant is assigned to a floor section and is responsible for working closely with the Senior Staff and other Student Assistants in developing and maintaining and atmosphere promoting academic, personal and social growth in the residence hall. As an employee of the Office of Housing and Residence Education, each Student Assistant will assist in the development of a working environment that meets the needs of a positive residence education program.

The Student Assistant is also responsible for carrying out many hall administrative tasks under the supervision of the Complex/Hall Director or the Assistant Hall Director. These tasks include student check-in and check-out of the halls, submitting maintenance requests, submitting damage charges and processing room changes.

Some Examples of Work:

1. Will serve as advisor and resource person for a specific "area of interest," such as student government, intramurals, food service, EPT, hall improvements, etc., as designated by the Senior Staff.
2. Shares with all the staff the responsibility for hall safety and security of residents.
3. Will support and uphold University and residence hall policy and standards of conduct throughout the University by personal example, as well as demonstrating a working knowledge of policy philosophy and purpose. Shares with all staff the responsibility for responding to student behavior throughout the hall which violates University expectations in a consistent manner.
4. Will attend and actively participate in fall orientation and training programs to further develop the necessary competencies for meeting the needs and challenges of a residence environment.
5. If a first year Student Assistant, will successfully complete the training program for academic credit which is conducted in the fall.
6. Attends all staff meetings as required by the Senior Staff.
7. Will work to develop positive and productive working relationships with all support and service staff of the hall and promotes a consistently high level of performance on the part of all Hall Staff.
8. Participates in all individual and group staff evaluations as planned by the Senior Staff.
9. Will assist in the selection of new Student Assistants under the framework set forth by the Office of Housing, Senior Staff and, as applicable, Student Assistants.
10. Will work the hall desk for a total of 75 hours per semester as scheduled by the Senior Staff. (This does not include the initial desk coverage as may be required during the initial check-in period of each semester.)
11. Will assume "staff on duty" responsibilities as determined by the Senior Staff and schedules accordingly.
12. Will report to the Senior Staff and the hall office all information concerning check-in, check-out, damages, room changes, etc. by all requested deadlines.
13. Cooperates with and supports all hall operations and necessary work of such aspects as Food Service, Maintenance, Custodial, etc.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

1. Ability to be regularly available for, and capable of assisting in, the counseling of students with their concerns related to their total University experience.
2. Working knowledge of campus agencies, and their services and functions. Will serve as a source of information and referral.
3. Ability to transmit by example and statement a positive attitude toward academic and intellectual pursuits and ensure that students develop an appropriate academic atmosphere on the floor.
4. Work cooperatively with students to ensure an environment on the floor section which respects the rights and privacy of others and promotes consideration of individual needs in a group living environment.
5. Ability to inform and educate students on their floor section about their legal rights and responsibilities as students and hall residents, residence hall policies and procedures, University expectations concerning standards of conduct for students of CSU as well as the possible consequences resulting from a violation of stated policies and procedures.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

1. A Student Assistant must be a sophomore or above and enrolled as a student in good standing with the University during the complete period of their employment.
2. Student Assistants are employed for a nine month period beginning at the onset of fall orientation and training and concluding at the end of the school year in the spring. Student Assistants are required to remain in the hall until the day a vacation period begins and to return to the hall the day it officially opens. Student Assistants will remain in the hall until the hall officially closes each semester to ensure that all necessary administrative and security tasks are accomplished such as check-outs, etc.
3. The Student Assistant must be willing to commit a significant portion of their time to their position responsibilities. It is important for the Student Assistant to be available to the students on their floor section and in the hall during evening hours and appropriate weekend times. An adequate time commitment must reflect an agreement between the Senior Staff and each Student Assistant. Student Assistants are encouraged to take one weekend per month away from the hall.
4. The Student Assistant may take up to 18 hours per semester, although in particular cases the Senior Staff may request to review the situation in cases where a lighter load may be more advantageous for the Student Assistant in both personal and employment goals. Prior to, and during the period of their employment, Student Assistants must maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.2 or above (Graduates, 3.0). Student Assistants whose GPA falls between 2.2 and 2.0 (Graduates 3.0 and 2.0) during their employment will have one additional probationary semester to meet the minimum requirements. Student Assistants whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will be released from their position. Staff grades will be checked at the end of each semester and any GPA below 2.0 will be a matter of concern.

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