Nature and Examples of Work:

The work is the same as described for PSO 1 AND includes the addition of one or more of the following additional responsibilities; Administrative responsibilities that include scheduling of personnel for job assignments, acting as a liaison between the supervisor and PSO's, carrying a pager and being "on call" to handle short notice assignments and sick leave calls, compiling activity reports and performing other administrative tasks as required. The position requires a greater degree of independent judgment and some direction of PSO's may also occur. There is less direct supervision. A PSO 2 in this capacity acts as and is called a "Team Leader". Training responsibilities that include teaching a class in the departments in-house PSO training academy, attending a 40 hour field training officer (FTO) class and becoming a department FTO. This includes instructing and evaluating a new employee in the practical application of knowledge and skills in the field, completing daily training evaluation forms, acting as a role model and mentor and participating in regular meetings about the progress of trainees. A PSO 2 in this capacity is a "FTO". An aide/intern to the department representative on the Larimer County Drug Task Force. The student employee in this position works with a greater degree of autonomy and must be motivated, demonstrate initiative and exercise a greater deal of discretion based on the nature of the confidential information they are exposed to. The PSO 2 is given tasks by the full-time police department employee who is assigned to the task force. These tasks include writing search and arrest warrants and assisting in their execution, along with the identification, collection and documentation of evidence to a degree of complexity that is not expected of a PSO 1. This position requires a greater knowledge and application of police methods and practices and prior experience with cases involving narcotics. The PSO 2 in this capacity is referred to as the Drug Task Force assistant or "Intern".

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

All of the knowledge, skills and abilities described in the Public Safety Officer I class.
Ability to instr uct others.
Ability to act as a role model.
Ability to write clearly and concisely to document performance for evaluation of others.
Ability to identify and resolve routine interpersonal conflicts.
Ability to do basic scheduling.
Greater knowledge/identification of illegal drugs and narcotics and paraphernalia.
Greater knowledge of drug use and distribution by narcotics offenders.
Greater knowledge of University rules and regulations, laws and ordinances and department policies and procedures.
Ability to take initiative, act independently and with greater discretion and perform with less direct supervision.
Basic computer skills.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

A minimum of 2 successful semesters* as a PSO 1 (or comparable experience), AND; Successful completion of a department approved Field Training Officer program , OR; Successful completion of a screening process by the Drug Task Force officer, OR; Successful completion of an interview process by the Support and Events Unit supervisor (or designee).
* The SEU supervisor may waive this requirement if the employee has previous experience in another law enforcement agency, education/background in leadership or supervision, or other unique experiences consistent with these assignments.

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