Nature of Work:

This is routine low level police and security work involving foot patrol and assigned contract duty at Colorado State University. The work is done by qualified students on a part-time basis as required by the needs of the police department and the University. The students achieve qualification by means of in-house training provided by other members of the police department and the university at large. A minimum of 3 weeks of classroom and 2 weeks of practical field training is required and performance is evaluated and measured. This is the base level that all successful employees must achieve.

An employee in this class provides special police services and crowd control at athletic, social and special events at the University. They perform foot patrol around University grounds, buildings and residence halls to protect persons and property. They enforce the laws of the State of Colorado, local municipal ordinances and the rules and regulations of the University. Public Safety Officers have limited enforcement authority; the field work performed is routine in nature, less hazardous and is supervised by an on-duty state classified Police Officer. General administrative guidance is provided by the supervisor of the Support and Events Unit (SEU). The Public Safety Officer class is distinguished from the Student Police Officer class by the nature of training and responsibility and the level of supervision. PSO's do not carry firearms, but receive training in the use of force.

Students who are employed to fill these positions are hired and paid under the classification of Student Security Guard. Applicants for PSO 1 must successfully complete the departments PSO training program - they will NOT be retained in this classification.

Some Examples of Work:

Works at athletic events, dances, concerts, commencement and other special events, directing pedestrians, providing traffic control, responding to and taking reports of low risk criminal activity, investigating suspicious activity and maintaining peace and good order by assisting staff with minor disturbances and unauthorized persons on University grounds. PSO's check buildings for security and safety hazards. They check parking lots as needed to insure the protection of vehicles and their contents. Public Safety Officers work closely with Residence Life staff to provide a safe living environment for students living in University residence halls. The position provides contracted police services such as uniformed presence at football and basketball games, plain clothes and uniformed shoplifting detail, surveillance assignments and acting as a guard for construction projects, exhibits, fairs and similar activities. Work hours are semi-regular but vary and are scheduled as needed.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

* Some knowledge of University rules, regulations and practices.
* General knowledge of State and Municipal laws and ordinances as they apply to the University.
* Basic knowledge of methods and practice of police work.
* Some knowledge of department policies and procedures.
* Ability to be firm, but courteous with the public.
* Ability to think and act quickly and calmly in emergencies.
* Ability to understand and effectively carry out verbal and written instructions.
* Ability to maintain physical and educational requirements as established by department policies.
* Ability to maintain skills in first aid and CPR, arrest control and self defense techniques.

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