Nature of Work:

Chief executive officer of the Associated Students executive branch. Responsible for carrying out duties of office as outlined in the ASCSU Constitution. President shall sign all bills enacted by the Senate or return them to the Senate with objections.

Job Description:

Applicants shall have attended CSU as full-time students (minimum six credits/semester) for no less than two semesters prior to taking office, shall have attained at least Junior status, shall be members of ASCSU (minimum six credits/semester) at the time of election, and shall have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. If elected, an officer shall remain enrolled as a full-time student throughout the regular academic year (spring and fall semesters) and summer semester within term of office.
1. Coordinate and supervise work of the Executive
2. Hire the following standing Directors (with senate approval)
a) Director of Internal Affairs
b) Director of Finance
c) Director of Academics
d) Director of Athletics
e) Director of Community Affairs
f) Director of Public Relations
g) Director of Records
h) Director of Legislative Affairs/Legislative Liaison
3. Review all bills passed by the ASCSU Senate and subsequently sign, veto, or let pass without signature.
4. Along with the Director of Renter's Information, supervise, and evaluate the ASCSU secretary.
5. Nominate Supreme Court Justices for Senate approval, and designate a Chief Justice
6. Prepare the budget for the ASCSU Executive Branch, and present to the ASCSU Finance Committee and Senate
7. Negotiate and act as the signator for all contractual agreements involving ASCSU. (transfort, office space, student discount cards, state raffle license, typewriter maintenance, etc.)
8. Serve as liaison from the student body to the CSU Administration, Faculty Council, The Colorado Commission on Higher Education, The Colorado General Assembly, The Governor's office, U.S. Congress, and to any state or national student organization.
9. Serve as the CSU student representative to the State Board of Agriculture
10. Serve as an ex officio member of the Faculty Council Student Life Committee.
11. Become expert in the areas of federal, state, local, and CSU governmental processes, tuition, student fees, and federal and state financial aid.
12. Hire additional staff (Assistant to the President, Research Assistant, etc.) as deemed necessary to adequately complete the duties of the ASCSU Executive.
13. Establish relationships with the CSU President, Vice-presidents, Deans, and Presidents of other student organizations.
14. Preside over weekly Cabinet meetings.
15. Present weekly oral reports to the Senate and supervise other cabinet members to insure conciseness and clarity in their reports. Give a report for any member of the cabinet unable to attend the Senate meeting.
16. Keep at least eight regular, accessible, and posted office hours per week.
17. Act in compliance with the ASCSU constitution. Be responsible to and representative of the needs and viewpoints of the students at CSU. Perform all duties in an honest, sincere, and responsible manner.

Some Examples of Work:

The President shall propose policies and insure implementation of the mandates approved in the general election. Also, manage affairs of executive branch of Student Government.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

See below.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

The President needs no special qualifications but must be elected by the students of Colorado State University in accordance with the ASCSU constitution. The pay for the President is based upon the Finance Bill allocating a salary for cabinet officers and may be changed annually.

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