Nature of Work:

The nature of the work is the same as that described for Public Safety Officer I, however the primary difference is that a SPO 1 has been issued a certificate of completion from a state certified police academy and upon employment can act as a Police Officer with full, rather than limited, authority. Student Police Officers are able to investigate more complex criminal cases, make arrests on state and municipal charges and possess a more comprehensive understanding of police methods and practices. They may act with greater discretion and are expected to exercise sound judgment with more frequency than the Public Safety Officer classifications. They need less supervision. They are also qualified to carry a firearm and are expected to maintain proficiency with it per police department policies and training requirements. They are assigned to duties that require an armed officer that are more hazardous and can't be accomplished by a PSO.

Some Examples of Work:

All of the work described in the PSO 1 class.
Investigates all criminal cases and may issue summons and make arrests.
Identifies, collects and documents evidence.
May investigate traffic accidents and issue traffic tickets for state and municipal violations.
May be required to supervise Public Safety Officers.
Provides money guard and money escorts where required.
May be assigned to arrest and search warrant teams in complex case investigations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

All of the knowledge, skills and abilities describes in the Public Safety Officer I class.
A more thorough knowledge of state and municipal laws and ordinances.
A more thorough knowledge of the laws of arrest, search and seizure.
A more thorough knowledge of police methods and practices.
Thorough knowledge in the use of force.
Knowledge of department policy and procedures.
Ability to interview witnesses and victims and interrogate suspects to gather information useful to identify criminal activity, develop leads and gain confessions.
Ability to conduct significant criminal investigations and participate with full integration in the criminal justice system with regard to making arrests, executing arrest and search warrants, working with the District Attorney's Office and testifying in court.
Maintain skill in the use of a firearm and meet department training expectations.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Must have served one (1) satisfactory semester as a Public Safety Officer prior to appointment to this classification, or have comparable prior experience which is approved by the SEU supervisor.

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