Nature of Work:

The Student Paraprofessional position is designed to utilize and develop the skills of undergraduate students to provide increased direct services to the general student body at CSU. Each of the positions is directly supervised by a professional staff member.

Some Examples of Work:

- Development and coordination of programs and services for students.
- Consultation with students and student groups.
- Training of student volunteers for special programs.
- Interviewing and surveying of students to determine interests, needs, etc.
- Leading workshops.
- Dissemination of information about programs and special opportunities for students.
- Evaluation of programs and services.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

- Knowledge of CSU and an understanding of the value of out-of-class learning and relative activities.
- A commitment to serving other students.
- The ability to relate to diverse types of people.
- The ability to write and speak clearly.
- Organizational skills including the ability to manage time effectively.
- A sense of responsibility.
- Specific skills are required or desirable in some positions, i.e. media equipment, research, or counseling skills.

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