Nature of Work:

Student staff members employed in Orientation are responsible for cooperation in the successful operation of programs and activities specifically related to Orientation and preview CSU. Responsibilities include cooperation with faculty, administrative paraprofessional and clerical staff, advising students and parents as to class schedules and other duties related to familiarizing students with the university.

Some Examples of Work:

- Greeting program participants, registering, fee collection, distribution or printed materials.
- Providing information pertinent to program activities. Conducting discussion groups with new students and parents.
- Advising undecided students.
- Advising students with declared majors.
- Conducting bus and walking tours of the campus.
- Participation in preparation of written materials, sorting, indexing, and stuffing.
- Assists in maintenance of physical facility.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

- Knowledge and skills relevant to the advising process.
- Knowledge of CSU as an institution dedicated to research, service and teaching.
- Knowledge of trends in higher education.
- Ability to meet and converse articulately with the public and promote the public relations function.
- Ability to work with faculty and co-workers.
- Ability to understand written and oral instructions and to perform in a responsible manner.
- Cooperation in training, selection, planning and evaluations.
- Listening ability.
- Ability to convey accurate and appropriate information.
Minimum Preparation for Work:

- Registration and successful completion of ED 496 (Special Group Study in Orientation) and other in-service and pre-program training sessions.
- Minimum of 2.25 GPA and four semesters at CSU.
- Demonstrated ability and experience in areas relevant to the position.

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