Nature of Work:

This work is comparable to the work which is done at the local radio stations in the area which pay a comparable wage for the duties performed. The FCC requireme nts are similar and the tests taken are no more difficult than a test taken for a college course. This work is also training in nature which helps prepare the student in his/her job preparation. The duties are similar to the duties of a beginning writer or broadcaster at a local newspaper or radio station. This work involves basic broadcast activities such as announcing, writing and operations of transmitting equipment.

Some Examples of Work:

Produces weekly or semi-weekly public affairs program. Writing news stories for newspaper including editing. Announces for "free form" musical shifts. Writing, editing, and delivery of newscasts. Gathering of information for publication of media. Preparation for special musical shows which involve research and production. Taping of programs sent over the National Public Radio Network. Recording of remote lectures for airing at a later time.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

Previous broadcast experience (minimum 6 months) Knowledge of basic broadcast law. Ability to work independently. Knowledge of simple recording equipment and how to maintain. Basic writing knowledge. Minimum Preparation for Work: FCC Third Class Radio-Telephone License with Broadcasting Endorsement. STRONGLY PREFERRED. Desire to learn.

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