Nature of Work:

Under supervision performs moderately complex statistical analyses of research data. May also proctor calculator laboratories. May assist with the training of lower level data analysts.

Some Examples of Work:

As proctor, must be able to assist users in program selection and machine operation. May write Fortran programs required to transform data to be input to statistical programs. Programs such as SPSS, BMD, BMDP, STATLIB, and IMSL may be used in performing multiple regression analyses, unbalanced analysis of variance and covariance, and factor and discriminant analysis. Tasks may include rewriting AOV tables, multiple comparison tests, plotting of AOV interactions and preparation of data layout sheets.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Must be able to prepare and keypunch program and system control cards. Knowledge of Fortran and basic statistical analysis methods. Need ability to recognize problems when they arise during an analysis project. Familiarity with programs such as SPSS and BMD.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Completion of two 300-level statistics courses, and two courses in Fortran or equivalent experience. Excellent performance as a data analyst I.

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