Nature of Work:

The job requires that pay be on a stipend basis since salespersons are paid by commission and weekly salary is primarily reimbursement of expenses for using own vehicle. This is a semi-skilled job involving the sale of advertising space for student newspaper. Positions in this classification are responsible for selling advertising space and graphic preparation of advertising.

Some Examples of Work:

-Contacting local businesses and student organizations to sell advertising space.
-Responsible for layout and graphic production of advertising.
-Supervision of production work for advertising.
-Maintaining records of all accounts which advertise.
-Assist production staff for proper layout of advertising.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Basic knowledge of good business practices.
Ability to communicate with people.
Ability to supervise staff and coordinate advertising programs.
Basic knowledge of any equipment used in production of advertising.
Knowledge of basic principles of good advertising.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Basic training in business or advertising procedures.
Desire to learn.

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