Nature of Work:

Under supervision, performs complex statistical analyses of research data. May assist with training of lower grade analysts. May assist with development of statistical programs. May, at times, work directly with researchers on completion analysis projects.

Some Examples of Work:

Perform tasks similar to those of a data analyst II, but with much less supervision. Types of analyses include multi-variate analyses, non-parametric, and model building. May write statistical programs in Fortran to solve specific analysis problems. Prepare data layout sheets and data to be submitted for keypunching.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Basic skills required of an analyst II. Strong background in statistical methods and Fortran. Extremely reliable, and ability to recognize and diagnose problems arising during an analysis project. Experience with many programs in the SPSS, BMD, and STATLIB packages.

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Excellent performance as a data analyst II. Completion of at least three 300-level statistics courses and two courses in Fortran or equivalent experience.

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