Nature of Work:

This work is comparable to the work done by a smaller area publication. The salary is also comparable to the salary received by a beginning editor on a small area publication, including the responsibilities of overall supervision, layout, production and work assignments. The editor is selected by the Board of Student Communications, with the editor having experience in the field. The work is also used for training in preparation for student's work desires. The salaries are determined to meet anticipated revenues and projected budget of the student publication. Responsible for determining editorial policy of student yearbook and supervising editorial staff. Responsible for determining editorial policy of student newspaper and supervising editorial staff.

Some Examples of Work:

- Coordinate staff for production of newspaper
- Train associated editors and editorial staff
- Evaluate editorial staff
- Prepare yearly budgets and be responsible for fiscal requirements of university
- Responsible for technical, legal, and ethical facets of the newspaper
- Responsible for thorough working aspects of a newspaper including offset production process
- Responsible for publication of yearbook including editorial, photo, and production requirements

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

1) newspaper principles, techniques, and terminology
2) basic principle of journalism
3) newspaper equipment and its function
4) newspaper layout and format techniques
5) yearbook layout and format techniques
Ability to assign and supervise work of subordinates

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Experience in:
1) newspaper editorial, layout and production techniques
2) basic journalism writing techniques
3) yearbook editorial, layout, and production techniques

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