Nature of Work:

Assist with various management practices in livestock production Assist with collection of research data Assist with record keeping and use computers in storing data and making management decisions

Some Examples of Work:

Assist with calving, lambing, and farrowing
Feeding and care of animals
Help with working animals: vaccinating, castrating, worming, spraying, etc.
Putting up hay
Cleaning pens, stalls, corrals
Checking heat and observing general health of animals
Helping veterinarian in doctoring sick animals
Weighing and measuring animals and feedstuffs for research data
Observing computerized systems in operation
Helping with operation and maintenance of farm equipment
Fixing fence and helping with care and maintenance of farm or ranch buildings, corrals, and other facilities

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:

Must be in good health and physically fit
Have genuine desire to work with animals
Be willing to work long hours at odd times and under adverse conditions
Be willing to do undesirable jobs assigned and remain in good spirits
Be prepared to accept semi-isolation and a minimum of social activities
Extensive experience in livestock management is not necessary

Minimum Preparation for Work:

Be mentally prepared to work long and hard
Have an adequate supply of appropriate clothing

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