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Literacy/Math Tutor
Student Activities Clerk
Student Admin Asst I
Student Admin Asst II
Student Admin Asst Intern
Student Agronomy Intern (Agronomy)
Student Application Programmer I
Student Application Programmer Intern
Student Art Model
Student Auditor Intern
Student Building Manager
Student Camp Conf Counselor
Student Campus Rec Worker I
Student Campus Rec Worker II
Student Campus Rec Worker III
Student Campus Rec Worker IV
Student Classroom Asst.
Student Computer Lab Asst I
Student Computer Lab Asst II
Student Computer Lab Asst III
Student Conference Assistant
Student Conference Coordinator
Student Coordinator
Student Custodian I
Student Custodian II
Student Custodian III
Student Data Analyst I
Student Data Analyst II
Student Data Analyst III
Student Data Analyst Trainee
Student Data Entry Operator Intern
Student Data Specialist
Student Dining Services I
Student Dining Services II
Student Dining Services III
Student Dining Services IV
Student Director (ASCSU)
Student Equipment Operator I
Student General Labor I
Student General Labor II
Student General Labor III
Student Grader I
Student Grader II
Student HCS Trainee II
Student HCS Trainee III
Student Horticulture Intern
Student Information Desk Manager
Student Instructor
Student Intern
Student IT Professional I
Student IT Professional II
Student IT Tech I
Student IT Tech II
Student Lab Assistant I
Student Lab Assistant II
Student Lab Assistant III
Student Lab Assistant Intern
Student Laboratory Support I
Student Library Tech
Student Livestock Management Internship
Student LTC Trainee I
Student LTC Trainee II
Student LTC Trainee III
Student LTC Trainee IV
Student Media Editor
Student Media Photographer
Student Media Reporter
Student Media Salesperson
Student Media Specialist I
Student Media Specialist Intern
Student Night Duty Tech
Student Orientation Worker
Student Paraprofessional
Student Parking Monitor/Clerk I
Student Parking Monitor/Clerk II
Student Performer
Student Police Officer I
Student Police Officer II
Student Police Officer III
Student President (ASCSU)
Student Public Safety Officer I
Student Public Safety Officer II
Student Residence Area Desk Clerk
Student Residence Hall Staff
Student Sales Assistant
Student Scientist
Student Security I
Student Staff Assistant
Student State Service Trainee I
Student State Service Trainee II
Student State Service Trainee III
Student State Service Trainee IV
Student State Service Trainee V
Student Structural Trades I
Student Structural Trades II
Student Summer Theater Apprentice
Student Swimming Instructor
Student Tech I
Student Tech II
Student Tech III
Student Tech IV
Student Tech V
Student Telemarketing Assoc.
Student Temp Clerk
Student Theater Concessionaire
Student Theater Tech
Student Tutor
Student Vice President (ASCSU)
Student Wait Personnel
Student Writer/Broadcaster