Canvas Integration

In order for students to access Echo360 content, it is first necessary for them to be authenticated. Authentication occurs automatically when an instructor’s Canvas course is linked directly to their Echo360 course. Student authentication provides several benefits including the collection of user analytics, the potential to use student/instructor collaborative tools, and it allows us to more tightly control Echo360 content.

To link your Echo360 course to your Canvas course, follow these instructions:

Other instructions:

Note about Student View in Canvas

When using the Student View in Canvas, clicking on the Echo360 link will display an error that instructors can disregard. The “Test Student” is not an actual student, so it cannot view the Echo360 page. Be assured that, if you can see the Echo class list when logged in as an instructor in Canvas, your students will be able to see that page as well.

For more information, see Echo360 in Canvas.