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Safari and Canvas issue

January 30, 2020: Some recent Safari versions prevent accessing Echo360 content within Canvas.
Fix: Upgrade to Catalina 10.15.3 with Safari 13.0.5.
Workaround: Use Chrome or Firefox.
More information: Recommended Browsers

Canvas Integration Instructions

Echo360 is a lecture capture technology that provides the ability to record audio, computer screen content and (optional) video of the instructor and make it available to students online.

Preparing to Teach Online with Echo360 Universal Capture

Follow these steps to be ready to teach online with Echo360 Universal Capture for your personal PC/Laptop.

Universal Capture Instructions

Recording in an Echo360 Classroom on Campus

Please complete a scheduling or canceling form if:

  • You need to use Classroom Technology to record in a classroom
  • You are already scheduled to record in a classroom and want to keep your schedule
  • You are already scheduled to record in a classroom but will no longer use it
Scheduling & Canceling Instructions

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