Getting Started with Echo360 for Lecture Capture

How to get started using Echo360:

  1. Verify that you have an Echo360 account, and check if the course sections for which you want to create recordings are created and scheduled yet.
    New in Fall 2020: Course sections and recordings are automatically created and scheduled for you. Most instructors will not need to make changes.
    • Watch the video tutorial Request Echo360 Scheduled and Universal Capture Semester Recording Sections.
    • From the Requests menu, select Manage My Echo360 Recording Schedules using your CSU eID username and password.
    • Your Echo360 account will be created automatically, if needed. (Almost all instructors should already have accounts.)
    • Select the course sections and options you want.
      • Courses and Sections that have already been created in Echo360 are in gray text. (Almost all Fall 2020 courses and sections have already been created.)
      • If your section will be taught in one of the Lecture Capture Rooms:
        • If the room has already been automatically scheduled, you will see a Scheduled link in the room column.
        • If not, you can select the room from the Classroom drop-down menu to request scheduled recordings.
        • Note that for cross-listed sections that meet at the same time and place, Echo360 can only record one section. To give students in the other sections access to those recordings, cross-list the sections in Canvas. (See Canvas Integration.)
        • If the room is scheduled but you will not need the recordings for the semester, select the Remove Schedule checkbox.
      • Other Instructions:
        • Other Contributors: If you are the primary instructor of the section, list the names of others who will contribute Echo content and their roles (if applicable).
        • Otherwise, list your role, the primary instructor's name, course name, course number, and section number.
        • Unlisted Courses: To add an unlisted course (such as a non-credit course), provide the course name, course number, and section number.
    • Click on Submit.
      • Your selected section(s) will be created, and your selected classroom(s) will be scheduled to automatically record, if any.
      • Within two business days, Echo360 staff will reply to any questions or other instructions.
      • You will receive a confirmation email when your request has been fulfilled. Additional instructions in this confirmation email will include how to link your Echo360 course to Canvas, room specific microphone/camera instructions, how to get help with Echo360 related questions, Echo360 Universal Capture instructions, etc.
  2. Canvas Integration:
    • After your Echo360 section is created, be sure to link your Echo360 section to your Canvas course.
  3. If you would like to create Echo360 Universal Captures,
  4. Access and manage your recordings.
    • Log in to Echo360 with your CSU eID username and password.
    • Your available recordings will be listed under the "Library" tab.
  5. To cancel a scheduled recording, use the Cancel a Scheduled Recording form.
  6. To request a special (non-scheduled, additional) recording, use the Request a Special Recording form.

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