Scheduling Recordings in an Echo360 Classroom On Campus

Attention: Echo360 Sections are Now Created Automatically

Echo360 Sections have been automatically created for all Fall 2020 courses and sections. You no longer need to request a Course Section to be created for Echo360 use.

Echo360 Enabled Classrooms

In addition, for all Echo360 enabled classrooms, Echo360 recording schedules are also automatically created each morning after they appear in Banner.

View Echo360 Enabled Lecture Capture Classrooms

Opt Out of Recording in an Echo360 Enabled Classroom

To opt out of recording in your Echo360 Enabled classroom, use the Requests menu above:

Request a Special Recording

For makeup lectures, special recordings, etc.

  • Select Request a Special Recording from the Requests menu above.
  • Fill out the form. Be clear about days and times, including specific dates, or remainder of the semester on specific dates.
  • For classroom, schedule it ahead of time through ARIESweb. If you need assistance with scheduling, in the Description box enter "Schedule for me as available." We can help you schedule. Do indicate preferred days, and times you are available.
  • Submit form

Cancel a Scheduled Recording

For faculty currently teaching in Echo360 enabled rooms, who wish to only use Echo360 Universal Capture at their home or office, or those who wish to opt out or cancel being recorded:

Always submit cancellation requests as soon as possible.

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