Instructor Tips

Student Monitoring

Many classes are being recorded and the lectures are to be made available for your students by linking them to your Canvas Course. Some classes being recorded for Online purposes may have a student video operator monitoring your recordings and adjusting the camera. Most however will require you to set your own camera shot from the podium Crestron screen. Please remember this when presenting in class, and limit your movement to a smaller portion of the front podium area when possible. Always put on your mic, turn on the belt pac and look for a green light on the belt pac before you begin. A red light means the mic is muted. If you ever see a message from Teamview, please read, your student monitor is trying to contact you about a recording issue.

Echo360 Requests

To request any changes, cancelled recording days, additional special recordings, under the top Requests tab above are specific links to request forms. Please always use this form. Plan to reserve a recording room first for additional makeup or special recordings, guest speakers, etc. (Your department administration support staff can help.) Please include the room location and time information in the form.

Echo360 Cloud and Active Learning Platform

CSU is now using the new Echo360 Active Learning Platform. As a result of this upgrade, it will be necessary for students to first authenticate via Canvas in order to access the Echo360 content in your course. Therefore, instructors should link their Echo360 courses with their Canvas courses.

When students access Echo360 via your course in Canvas, authentication occurs seamlessly and automatically. Echo360 student authentication provides the following benefits:

  • The collection of user analytics
  • The use of student/instructor collaborative tools
  • The protection of your Echo360 content by limiting access to only those who authenticate

If you don't plan to use Canvas this semester, please contact the CSU Echo360 Help Team at for alternative Echo360 access methods.

Student View in Canvas/Browser Issues

When using the Student View in Canvas, clicking on the Echo360 link will display an error. Please disregard this error. The "Test Student" is not an actual student and cannot view the Echo360 page. Be assured, if you can see the Echo360 class list when logged in as an instructor in Canvas, your students will be able to see that page as well. You can always confirm with your students.

Sometimes students have issues accessing the Echo360 recordings. Changing browsers, adjusting settings, or resetting cookies can often help. Here are recommended settings for various browsers.

Logging in to Echo360

To log in to Echo360 to manage your content, go to Login > Log in to Echo360 and log in with your CSU eID.

Echo360 Universal Capture:

If you will be using Echo360 Universal Capture, you'll need to first download the latest version of that software. To do that, once logged in to Echo360 Cloud platform, select "Settings" as indicated by the "Cog" icon in the upper right portion of the screen, then select "Downloads", then download and install the appropriate Universal Capture software for Mac or Windows. Once processed, all Universal Capture recordings will be available in your "Library" in Echo360.

Need more help?

Many of the frequently asked questions regarding how to perform certain functions in the new Echo360 Cloud Platform can be found in the How-To Guides for Instructors. However, don't hesitate to let the CSU Echo360 Help Team know if you have any further questions by contacting us at This will ensure several people can see the request and respond most quickly.