Echo360 Universal Capture

Echo360 Universal Capture allows an instructor an easy way to capture, edit, publish, and view presentations recorded on their personal computers. Instructors can use Universal Capture to capture and record their presentations in real time and post them to Echo360 so they can be viewed online via Canvas or Echo360.

Personal Capture (PCap)

Echo360 Personal Capture software reached end of life on January 15, 2020. You should uninstall it before installing Universal Capture.

Uninstall Personal Capture

Preparing to Teach Online with Echo360 Universal Capture

Follow these steps to be ready to teach online with Echo360 Universal Capture for your personal PC/Laptop.

  1. Learn the basics of Echo360 Universal Capture in one minute.
    Video: Echo360 Universal Capture Software Overview
  2. Request an Echo course section. (New in Fall 2020: All sections are automatically created for you!)
    Video: Request Echo360 Scheduled and Universal Capture Semester Recording Sections
  3. Install Echo360 Universal Capture: Personal software on your laptop or PC.
    Video: Install Echo360 Universal Capture Software on your Laptop/Desktop
  4. Launch Echo Universal Capture, and click log in.
    1. Always log in to the site with
    2. Before beginning your recording,
      1. Open Edit Capture Details.
      2. Add a Title.
      3. In the Publish to section field, select the course section where you will be sending this video.
        ** If you leave the this field on the default ("Library"), you will need to get an Echo360 admin involved to retrieve your video.

  5. Using Echo360 Universal Capture
    PDF: How to Use Echo360 Universal Capture
    Video: How to Use Echo360 Universal Capture
  6. How to Add an Uploaded Video to a Class (Echo Course Section)
    PDF: Upload Videos to Your Echo360 Main Library in the Cloud
    Video: Add Video to a Class
  7. How to Create Links in Echo360
    PDF: Link Videos in Your Main Echo360 Library to Your Echo Course Section
    PDF: Creating Links and Embed Codes for Your Echo360 Videos
    Video: How to Create Links
  8. How to Edit Echo360 Recordings
    PDF: Echo360 Video Editing Tools
    Video: Editing Echo360 Recordings and Linking to Specific Sections
  9. Link Echo360 to your Canvas course section. There are two steps.
    PDF: Integrate Echo360 into a Canvas Course (August 2020)
    Video: Link Echo360 Recordings to Canvas

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