Telecommunications Service Orders

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Orders canceled on the day of scheduled install will be billed for time and materials.

Welcome to the New Telecommunications Service Order Forms!

We’ve changed our look and updated our processes, with the intent to make things easier and more functional for you. While much of the information and services remain the same, we’ve changed the format and added some features to make things easier to submit requests. And we’re not done! We’ll continue to modify and improve on what we’ve started. We'd like to hear your feedback and thoughts. You can contact us here:

What we've done so far:

- We've added additional Navigation Links to help make using various pages easier and more functional.

-Allow you to create Working Documents of your service orders. We’ve added the ability for you to create one or multiple service requests, and save them before submitting them to us. This allows you to work on creating the orders as your time and schedule allow, and gives you the option to come back at a later time to finish things up before submitting the order. It gives you the ability to save “work in progress” without losing the information you’ve already entered. This is a really beneficial feature for medium to large orders.

-Help Links to further explain a service or field.

-Terminology Links to give various meanings to a term or description. (We each sometimes call a certain thing by different names, but we’re talking about the same thing. This links helps clarify various telecommunication terms).

So let us know how you like things so far as you continue to use the new forms. We have plans for additional improvements but we also want your comments. Our goal is to make things as simple and functional for all of us, to serve you as best we can.

Thank you for your support.