Standard Introduction to PTC Parametric 2.0 June 23-27 2014

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Description 5-day class in PTC Creo Parametric 2.0 CAD software

This course is intended for product designers, drafters, industrial/conceptual designers, and routed systems designers. People in related roles will also benefit from taking this course.

Overview, Course Objectives, Agenda, Course Content

Reference only: topics taught at a later date during our custom training course

The PTC Creo 2.0 classes at the Colorado State University campus in Ft. Collins, Colorado bring a number of unique benefits to learning a tremendously powerful CAD package. The class focus is on efficient workflow for solid modeling covering a broad range of PTC Creo functionality. The 3-day classes are taught on a regular basis with PTC authorizing CSU as a PTC training partner. Classroom technology in the Morgan Library classroom allows any computer display to be projected to the front of the room for discussion or viewed by the instructor to see the status of each students work or answer questions. A quick tour of the PTC Creo visualization functionality including results of Finite Element Analysis models will be held in the CSU Morgan Library Event Hall with a high definition 5 by 30 foot display. Students can use CSU computers to practice the PTC Creo class problems outside of class hours and on campus parking passes are provided. A number of locations for lunch are within a few feet of the Morgan Library. 100% of the course materials are taken from CSU generated content and students are given a bound class text and also a large set of short Adobe Flash format videos that label each mouse button click. The Flash video format allows for scrollbar drag playback, normal playback speed, or accelerated 2x or 4x playback speed. The course materials with the source acknowledgement kept in place can be shared with others without restrictions.

• The first day of the class is a survey of basic functions focused on model set up, sketching, part solid modeling and assemblies.
• The second day covers topics including sketch dimensioning and sketch editing methods and solid modeling.
• The third day covers more advanced topics such as surface modeling, direct modeling, and finite element analysis.

Efficient workflow is shown in a detailed manner using various levels of geometry complexity by using mapkeys, importing point sets and point clouds, and tracing imported images. The PTC Creo workflow is taught with the student able to freely experiment with each Creo function with no need to exactly duplicate the instructor's geometry. A few of the interesting geometries that the students generate or edit include a bicycle frame, industrial valve, paraglider, wind turbine, and the earth with exaggerated ground elevation scale. The instructor is a Colorado registered professional mechanical engineer with extensive experience teaching PTC Creo and also using PTC Creo for large finite element and CFD analysis projects.

Students are evaluated based on a review of the solid models they create and save during the class and will receive a class completion certificate issued by CSU continuing education. Students are requested to submit a course evaluation that will be forwarded to PTC.

Class sessions will be from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a 1-hour lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Intro Welcome in the Event hall

CSU Creo class Day 1: Creo basics

101 A few Creo setup options
102 Set working directory and add to QuickAccess Toolbar
103 Create new part model with simple extrude
104 Mouse commands to zoom, pan, roll
105 Create new part model with simple revolve
106 Use a sketch twice extrude and revolve
107 Sketch by tracing text "LITE"
108 Sketch by tracing text "O"
109 Sketch by tracing text "CSU" bitmap image - save the model
110 Import DXF sketch with bitmap profile captured by Adobe Illustrator Live Trace
111 Orienting the sketch plane
112 Datum Points
113 Locating the datum planes
114 Locate coordinate systems and add datum planes
115 Assembly import and constrain parts
116 Scaling a sketch using Modify Dimensions / Lock Scale
117 Command search and help -- Also PTC free software
Midterm exam - single question over each day 1 topic

CSU Creo class Day 2: intermediate Creo

201 Sketch auto constraints and construction geometry
202 3D annotate and create 2D drawing
203 Grouping and patterning File / Options / Windows Settings / Graphics Toolbar settings
204 Layers
205 Edit sketch geometry - lines
206 Edit sketch geometry - arcs
207 Weak, strong, highlighted, and locked dimensions
208 Modify dimensions and scale sketch
209 2D Splines
210 3D splines - curves through points
211 Mapkey keystroke recording macros, hotkeys with alt and ctrl
212 Assembly component operation / cut-out
213 Surface and solid slice in Creo Simulate
214 Render w/ white background
215 Model player
216 Analysis
217 Reference viewer to display feature relationships
Midterm exam - single question over each day 2 topic

CSU Creo class Day 3: advanced Creo

301 Sweep
302 Blend
303 Swept blend
304 Rotational blend
305 Extract surfaces from a solid
306 Merge and solidify surfaces
307 Fill a sketch containing profiles
308 Boundary Blend surfaces
309 Style surfaces
310 Restyle surfaces
311 Freestyle subdivision modeling
312 Wrap and project
313 Animations in assembly - keyframe and assy explosion
314 Mechanism in assembly
315 Mathcad Prime and Mathcad Express
316 Simulate
317 Point cloud
318 Direct modeling for imported geometry
319 Feature Recognition Tool (FRT)
320 Valve housing flow passage
321 Layout
322 Tolerance analysis - LMC MMC sketch assembly
Final exam - single question over each day 3 topic

Additional courses will be scheduled soon.

PTC Works with Colorado State University to Deliver Authorized Training Program for Product Design and Development Technology:
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