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Canvas College Coordinator Information

If necessary, your Canvas College Coordinator can help you fill out this form.

External Tool
Canvas partnership

Is the application recognized as a Canvas partner?

For more information see the Canvas Partnerships page.

External Tool Compliance
LTI standards compliance

Is the application recognized by IMS Global as complying with LTI standards?

For more information see the IMS Certified Product Directory.

Caliper Analytics compliance

Does the application comply or have roadmap plans to comply with the Caliper Analytics data standard?

For more information see IMS Global Caliper Analytics.

Accessibility compliance

Digital tools are expected to comply with CSU’s accessibility policy. If the tool does not currently meet accessibility standards, we would want to review the vendors’ commitment to making their tool accessible. In most cases, the CSU Accessibility Committee will evaluate the tool and provide their assessment.

For more information see CSU Accessibility Resources.