The 2024 GradShow!

Okay, so what is this?

This is a showcase of research, entrepreneurship, and creativity - a conference for you to present your work and talents, to connect with other graduate students and faculty at CSU, learn about other disciplines and gain conference experience. Fall 2024 presentations will be in-person at the Lory Student Center!

Nice! How can I participate?

Interdisciplinary collaboration is the new frontier of career success. All graduate students involved in research or creativity are encouraged to participate. Proposal submission opens August 25, 2024.


In addition to the wonderful experience gained, your work will be entered into a contest for multiple scholarships ranging in value and totaling $20K+. Brought to you by the Graduate School and the Vice President for Research Office.

Advance to Other Competitions!

Top qualifiers are invited to participate in the 3 Minute Challenge where top candidates become VPR Fellows and have access to travel scholarships, mentoring and professional development.

Submission categories. Sponsorship Awards!

Presentations at 2017 GradShow

Research, Scholarship, and Entrepreneurship Submissions

Research, scholarship, and entrepreneurship submissions are presented in a poster format and include both qualitative and quantitative research projects that employ the scientific method (e.g., an experiment, survey, program review/development) and/or are based on published scholarly work (e.g., a literature review, translation).

What does a research, scholarship, and/or entrepreneurship submission look like?

What does a scholarly poster look like?

Visual Art Display at 2017 show

Visual/Performing Arts Submissions

Visual Arts submissions include ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, print-making, crafts, photography, textiles etc.

Performing Arts submissions include dance, music, opera, spoken word, readings of poetry, lecture recitals, pedagogical presentation of performing arts work, etc.

What does a visual/performing arts submission look like?