Thank you for participating in the Party Registration program! We hope that you have a fun and safe party. Find important tips for hosting a responsible party below. These tips are not exhaustive; always remember that when hosting a gathering you are assuming responsibility for any issues that may take place. Please refer back to the Party Registration Program document for program rules.   

Please remember to share this information with anyone involved in hosting the party! 

1. Register your party! Registering your party can help you avoid a possible noise citation of $1,000+.  It MUST be registered by the Thursday of the week you are planning on hosting your party. If you are hosting a party on a Thursday night, you need to plan in advance and register at least a week in advance to meet the deadline.

2. Discuss party expectations with your roommates before you host a gathering. Things to consider include: date, timeframe, house rules, number of people, what you will provide guests (consider food), who will be the sober host, who will chat with the neighbors, etc.  

3. Notify your neighbors in advance and provide them with the phone number of the sober host. Ask us for neighbor notification forms (or find them in your party pack).  

4. Designate a sober host to control music volume, access to the party, outside disturbances, and to address any interactions with the neighbors or police. Behaviors of people coming and going (including parking issues) to the party are often most disruptive to neighbors, not the party itself. Make sure the sober host is monitoring the foot traffic to and from the party, and check the backyard.  

5. Think before you post! Posting your get-together using social media can lead to out-of-control parties, unwanted guests and their unwanted behaviors. Remember, as a party host you are responsible for what happens at and as a result of your party, including the actions of others.  

6. Unreasonable Noise/Nuisance Gathering…Know the Difference: The Party Registration program only provides a potential warning for unreasonable noise. The Unreasonable Noise Ordinance is in effect 24 hours a day. Nuisance gatherings are NOT covered! 

Nuisance gatherings cover other issues that occur on your property and/or extend past the property line: foot traffic to and from your gathering, disrupting neighbors, public urination, leaving trash in yards, trampling bushes, jumping fences, etc., or unlawful consumption or possession of alcohol and/or marijuana. The HOST of the party, if found responsible for a nuisance gathering, can be held accountable for the costs associated with these damages - including any overtime needed (police, ambulance, etc.). Any cost for damages and clean up could be charged on top of the citation fine received. Remember that YOU are responsible for your guests’ actions! 

7. Engaging in a riot: State Riot Laws provide that anyone convicted of a rioting offense cannot attend any state funded institution for one year. Engaging in a riot, or even just being a bystander and watching it, can result in negative consequences. Note to CSU students: tuition is NOT refunded. 

8. Noise to and from your party: Neighbors typically report that it is the behaviors of people “coming and going” to the party they find most disruptive, not the party itself. Encourage your guests to be quiet and respectful before they come and when they leave as well as when in the front or backyard. 

9. It is illegal to provide alcohol or marijuana to minors. If the guest is over 18 but under 21, the crime is a misdemeanor with possible jail time and fines. If the guest is under age 18, it's worse: the crime is a felony with possible longer jail times and higher fines. If you’re in doubt of someone’s age, protect yourself and don’t serve. 

It is illegal to: 

  • Consume alcohol or marijuana in public.  

  • Sell or transfer alcohol or marijuana to persons under the age of 21. 

  • Drive under the influence.  

The use and possession of marijuana, including medical marijuana, is prohibited on all CSU property, regardless of your age.  

10. Keep the size reasonable so your party stays in line with the capacity of your residence and does not disturb your neighbors.  

11. Be proactive by asking for help. If you’re uncomfortable with the size of your party, people will not leave when asked, or if people are acting in a threatening manner, please do not hesitate to call Fort Collins Police Services at 970-419-FCPD (3273) and ask for assistance in breaking up your party before things get out of control.  

 12. Back Yard Fire Pit Ordinance: The City of Fort Collins recently adopted new rules regarding backyard wood burning fires within City limits: Outdoor wood fires must be at least 15 feet from a property line and are prohibited between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.  For more information regarding outdoor fires, please visit this site.  

13. Be cooperative towards neighbors, police, and others who come to discuss issues. Don’t make the situation or citation worse. When police arrive, all guests need to leave.  

14. Get a safe ride: When clearing out your party, help your guests find a safe ride home. Have them to download the RamRide app and request their free, safe ride, or encourage them to use Uber or Lyft. 

15. Clean up all trash resulting from your party and follow up with your neighbors the next day. Your neighbors may be more tolerant of your next party if they see that you care about how your party may have impacted the neighborhood.  

16. Your actions have impact; make it a positive one. Be a good neighbor both on and off campus. If you are a CSU student, you may be held accountable for your behaviors off campus through the Student Conduct Code. 

 17. COVID-19: We want your party to be neighborly AND safe. Please remain up to date on the latest CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Organizing Large Events and Gatherings and CSU’s COVID Information & Resources site.