Login Instructions

Faculty - Echo360 Account

Log in to your CSU Echo360 account using one of these two methods:

Direct Login

This is usually quickest.


You may prefer or need to use this login method, e.g. from Universal Capture.

  • Go to echo360.org
  • Important: Make sure you enter your CSU FirstName.LastName@Colostate.edu email address. (Using any other address creates a duplicate account and causes access issues.)
  • The page will then redirect you to the direct eID login link above.
  • Your primary email address in Canvas should also be your FirstName.LastName@Colostate.edu address.

Students - Use Canvas Login

Do not log in to Echo360.org. Only Faculty have accounts. Don't access Echo360 directly; you must log in through Canvas.

  1. Go to CSU Canvas Help
  2. Under CSU Students, Instructors, click eID Login.
  3. Log in with your CSU eID and password.
  4. Select your Canvas course.
  5. Click the Echo360 tab in the left navigation pane, or individual video links your instructor provided.